Thursday, January 15, 2009

A scoured bathroom?

I started the potty training process last night. Luke and I read a great book about potty training and went through all the underwear the he has to choose from. He was squealing and running around the house with some Buzz Lightyear ones, so I figured they'd be the natural choice for today. But, when it was time to get into bed, he asked if he could wear them. What could it hurt? So, I pulled them on over his jammies and he was thrilled to see them when he woke up this morning. We got right to using the restroom. He's gone several times today and so far so good. But, for some reason, I also decided that today would be the day I'd scour the main bathroom. Why would I do such a thing? Odds are it will be covered in pee from floor to ceiling before I know it! Gross.. Maybe I scoured because I know what I'm in for and wanted to start off with a fresh slate... or walls, toilet and floor as the case may be! The joys of boys.

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