Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three days and counting

Luke has been in underwear since Thursday - usually three pairs of underwear, to be precise! He loves them and can rarely choose just one. It's usually a combo of a pair of Bob the Builder, with Batman on top of that, and then Madagascar on the very top! Something like that... So, anyway, Luke has been using the restroom since Thursday with no accidents. He hasn't ASKED to go to the restroom, but he holds his bladder between visits quite well! Zach on the other hand (who, by the way, did not give me permission to share this) waited till the very last second on Friday and had an accident while trying to untie his new slicky pants. He peed all the way into his shoes! So, Luke is doing very well and Zach's had better days. And ---- so much for my scoured bathroom! I knew that was a wasted effort.

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