Saturday, January 10, 2009


The boys and I have colds. Neither of the kids have slept well in a week, which of course means I haven't slept well. Lucky for Bryan, he could sleep through a tornado, so his slumber is rarely disturbed. At 1am this morning, Zach came to our room complaining of leg aches. I got out of bed, got him some Tylenol, had him use the rest room, and crawled into bed with him. I figured sleeping with him would be more restful than having him wake me up again every 10 minutes saying that they still hurt. So, I slept with him, which is generally never a great sleep. At 6:50am, he woke me up again. This time he was just twitching his leg - he must have inherited that from his dad. I didn't make a noise or move, hoping he'd go back to sleep. Suddenly, and in his full voice, he says, "Hey, Mom. You wanna hear about my greatest dream ever that I had last night?" So he carries on for the next 30 minutes telling me about his dream, then other favorite dreams, how much he loves me, then asks about my dreams, then interrupts with another dream about how we had another baby: "We named him Will.. Like my friend and our neighbor. I wonder how the neighbor Will is growing." (Neighbor Will is 3 1/2 months.) He goes on to tell me about (imaginary) brother Will's favorite toys at the age of 2 and 4. Then, without taking a breath, he said "Does Daddy have a day off today?" To which I grunt, "Uh huh". He sits straight up and says a bit loudly, "WHAT?" I say that Daddy does have a day off today. He throws the blankets off, crawls over me, jumps from the bed, runs down the hall, apparently shuts the door behind himself and crawls into bed with Daddy. I haven't seen either of them since! I guess that's Zach's way of saying THANK GOODNESS IT'S SATURDAY!

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