Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some January pics

Baby Batman... Little Lukey loves to wear his big brother's Batman costume - complete with dish towel cape!

I walked into the living room and found the boys watching TV together - one on top of the other. What sweet brothers. Wish it was always this peaceful and loving! When one is on top of the other there is generally a fair amount of wrestling and fussing.

Luke LOVES breakfast! He would eat his weight in pancakes, bacon, eggs, cereal or waffles if we'd let him! And, obviously, I did let him have whatever he wanted this day.. Pancakes, yogurt, pudding and a buffet of beverages - water, pink milk, white milk and apple juice. I can't remember why I let him have his way like this. I guess it just wasn't the battle I was willing to pick that day.

Luke in boots.. Right now he can't get enough of this Bob the Builder hat and has new camo boots. He also loves to talk on the phone and is generally at some degree of undress (he is wearing undies here - you just can't see them)... This picture captures a pretty accurate state of affairs around our house!

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