Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lesson learned through blurred vision

At 5:33 last night, Zach broke his glasses. BROKE. Bryan was right there when it happened. He said that all Zach did was push them back up his nose when he heard a pop and one of the pieces that goes back over the ear (what are those arm-things called?) just fell off. The whole arm-thing! Zach's only had glasses since October and we've made a lot of trips to the eyeglass store to get them readjusted because he swings them around (by one arm-thing), sees just how flexible they are, absent-mindedly twists them, puts them on over his forehead... you name it! The break last night was not Zach's fault, but we've told him that all the other times he's bent them up probably loosened them up enough that the just spontaneously broke. We rushed over to the eyeglass store before they closed last night, but they don't keep his frame in stock. So, they are ordering it and it might be next week before it's in. We did offer to pay for rush shipping if they could guarantee delivery by the end of the day on Friday... We'll see. We had to leave the broken glasses, so now he's completely without. He cried quite a bit last night... We comforted him, but also are allowing this lesson to sink in. The warranty only covers one replacement and this is it! Zach is sad that so much of what he's seeing is blurry now, but he's risen to the challenge. He woke up this morning and suggested that he should play Wii in order to see how good he is at Lego Batman without his glasses... Glad kids are so resilient!

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Cori said...

Oh, poor kid. BTW, my son loves Lego Batman, too. He plays it on XBox, though. :)