Saturday, May 30, 2009

A blessed day

Garage sale days are always loads of fun around here, but yesterday was extra special. The kids had their big bake sale (benefiting a local child abuse prevention & victims advocacy center and another organization that does a great deal of work with foster children in our state) and every loaf of bread sold was celebrated! If Bryan and I weren't standing there when someone made a purchase, the boys would come find us - screeching about yet another success! After all was said and done, the kids raised $112 and our family was only left with one full size loaf and one mini loaf. We are so very grateful for the dozens of strangers who bought bread, and deeply touched by each of our amazing friends who came by to support our boys in this effort. With every batter we mixed, I prayed for the organizations, the families impacted by their work, and that garage sale shoppers would generously support this cause. If the sale wasn't a huge hit, my greatest concern was not that I'd gain 20 pounds eating the left-overs, but that my children would receive the message that people do not really care about kids. I'm so happy to report that they received the exact opposite message! As soon as we called it a day Zach bounced into the house saying, "Now we've got to get on that bike-a-thon! We need to go over there and figure out our track!!" The boys' excitement and compassion is inspiring.

Zachary explaining to our friends what friendship bread is, which loaves have chocolate chips, why they should buy it and
how much it cost!

Friends enjoying their bread!

Luke and one of our other little friends enjoying a water gun battle.

A hot day demands dumping bottled water on your head!

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