Saturday, May 2, 2009

The month of May

I really love the month of May. I can always count on May to officially usher in sun dresses and sandals. Birds are chirping, trees are getting their leaves, flowers are popping out of the ground (some even flowering already!), our grass is greening up, and those lilacs smell delicious! Neighbors are outside most of the time and the pool will open by the end of the month. Memorial Day is my favorite three-day weekend. I also love Mother's Day and the three family birthdays this month - Bryan's, mine and my father-in-law's. Since Bryan and I have the same birthday, it's extra fun!! Did I mention that we're working on some square foot gardening this year?

I love May!

Bryan's Purple Martins return for the eighth year in a row

Spring flowers

I love a well-shaped Redbud tree... and this 20 year old white Spirea

Dwarf Korean Lilacs bloom despite the late hard-freezes

View from the back door... gotta get some bird seed!

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