Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life in pictures

There is so much I'd like to write about, but not a lot of time these days... We planted a vegetable garden a few days ago, the peach tree we planted last fall has 29 little peaches on it, Zach "graduates" from preschool next week, the kids are organizing a bike-a-thon (with some help from Mom and Dad), we are garage saling like crazy, the nursery has been transformed into a scrapbooking room, Bryan and I have both been volunteering in Zach's class, we are working on fundraisers for the bike-a-thon and Relay For Life, Bryan and I are going to a sold out MLB game with dear friends tomorrow (I can't wait!!), and Bryan and I turn a year older on Sunday (he's 364 1/2 days older than I). More on all of that in the weeks to come... Pictures too!

Here are a few snapshots of life in the past couple of weeks around our house...

Luke feeds and waters Apollo everyday.
Check out his newest method!
Luke is the master of all puzzles. Look at what he and Emily were able to accomplish in about an hour.

Love these soccer pictures. It's fun to see the looks of intensity and sheer joy on their faces while they play.

Luke crashed in my lap (at the computer) at 5:20 the other day. I moved him to the couch, thinking the noise would wake him up after a short nap. An hour later, I tried to wake him. I tried again and again, and finally just took him up to bed for the night.

As soon as I got Zach down at 8:30, Luke woke up! I tried explaining to him that it was bedtime... His response, "Not bedtime. I play wiff toys!" He was so cute. I let him play wiff toys (and eat waffles). He went back to bed at 10:35pm.

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