Monday, May 11, 2009

He's ready

I have always had this image in my head of myself in a traumatic situation. I'm bawling, inconsolable, possibly in a heap on the floor, not really listening and what I'm saying cannot be understood. This is the "emergency room" Tonya that I've had in mind... and possibly even first-day-of-kindergarten Tonya. However, over the past year, this image has changed a great deal. I still don't see myself as a pillar of strength in the emergency room, but I am much more prepared for kindergarten than I thought I'd be.

I am amazed at how much Zach and I have both matured over this past year in preschool. He makes friends very easily, and I have done well at determining who the "best" friends are and getting to know their families. Knowing their families well is a must if he is ever going to go on a drop-off playdate! Zach continues to be a confident boy with excellent character, so I do not worry very much about him getting his feelings crushed (hurt, yes) or allowing kids around him to be mistreated. He knows about teasing, taunting and bullying (has experienced a little of it) and seems to be relatively unphased by it, while still coming to the aid of others who are being picked on. And, unless he becomes easily influenced by others, I do not see him ever being the bully. He will do well academically. He is so eager and excited to learn. Last night he read a 67 page book to me, Hop on Pop! He loves math, and is forever adding and subtracting random things. He is very ready. I worried a little about things like gym and music class. He did not like large groups, group games, loud noise or practicing anything at the beginning of the school year. But then he discovered soccer! He loves it. He has even chosen soccer camp over going to VBS with all of his preschool friends this summer. He is really blossoming in larger groups and is beginning to see the value in practicing. He is going to be just fine. Better than fine - he is going to be great! Which makes it so much easier for me to be excited about this new season. And so incredibly proud of my son. I have always said that my job is not to raise two little boys, but to raise up competent, confident men. He is a long way from all-grown-up, but he is off to a great start!

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Anonymous said...

I have sobbed at the emergency room and been consoled by a stranger. I can say from experience when your child hurts you can feel their pain.
I cried at the first day of kindergarden and the last day of kindergarden. The last day was worse than the first it was the end of lunches with mom. I cried the first day of first grade when I packed Maggie's lunch. I thought of all the lunch day talks we had the precious moments I didn't treasure until it was too late. Every day I pack a note in Maggie's lunch to tell her one reason she is special and that I love her. I hope these notes help cancel out some negative comment her classmate may have thrown at her that day. I know she shares these notes with her friends because "some kids don't get notes" she says. I also know she keeps some of them in her special box like I may run out of nice things to say about her some day. I can assure you this will never happen. I have gone to have lunch with her at school and it is not the same she is too busy eating to have a decent conversation. They don't get a long lunch. I just wanted to let you know you have done a great job with Zach. He is a good friend to others and he will have a support around him at all times. You have built a shield of armor around him with your love and praises. You both will be fine next year and the years after that. Maybe you will pack a lunch time note or just kiss a napkin. Even if you do nothing at all he will here your loving words in his head and carry God in his heart. You will be fine and if you do for some reason have to go to the emergency room call me and I will take care of you so you can take care of your boys.