Monday, May 4, 2009

Witches and trolls

There is an "old bridge" that the kids like to go over on the way home from school. We don't have enough time to go out of the way to see it most days, so it's a special treat. Today was one of those days... As we crossed the bridge, our friend Benjamin pointed out a well that he saw near the creek and suggested that maybe a witch lives under it. The discussion of whether or not witches are real was born! Benjamin yea, Zach nae. Zach ended the discussion saying, "I think Moms and Dads know what is right." Implying that his Mom and Dad said that witches are not real (and we're so smart that we just know what is right!)... The next comment made me nearly laugh out loud. Zach says, "When we are grown-up, Benjamin, you and I are going to go exploring in our neighborhood!" Benjamin thought that was a great idea and suggested that they also come back to the old bridge and see if there is a witch or troll under that well. "What's a troll?" responded Zach. To which Benjamin explained that they are "sorta grumpy monsters, only people, with really long beards." Zach thought that adding that to their adult adventures was a great idea!

Zach & Benjamin at Zach's birthday party, Sept 2008

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