Monday, November 30, 2009


We spent about 11 hours with family over the Thanksgiving weekend. I'm not really much of a turkey or mashed potatoes person, so it's the time with family that keeps me coming back year after year. This year did not disappoint. There aren't words enough to describe the sweetness of seeing my boys with their cousins. They adore their cousins. They ask nearly every day to go play with their cousins, so 11 hours of cousin fun was right up their alley!

I honestly didn't see a whole lot of Zach. He and M spent most of their time together. Reading joke books, playing with remote control cars, watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, comparing Pokemon cards, flying kites and playing ping pong.

Luke spent his weekend going back and forth between needing his parents and chasing the big boys. He did pool tricks with D, colored with me, played with A and the puppy, chased the big boys' remote control cars, begged A to do puzzles with him, stole everyone's whoopi cushions, and talked Zach and M into watching part of Toy Story with him.

We played games as an entire family, and played games in smaller groups. D is the Yahtzee master and beat me at one game of Checkers. I'm going to have to brush up on both between now and Christmas! All of the boys enjoyed some joke telling. Some jokes made sense, others made none... but good laughs were had by all.

It was a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. The laughter of young boys is a wonderful, wonderful thing. What a blessing it is to call each of these young men family.

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