Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love, Peace, Joy

I have been wandering through life this week in pure bliss. I've wondered a couple of times why I'm so insanely happy.

Like singing while biking through the city streets in the Sound of Music happy!

Is it the clean house? Healthy foods perking my spirits? Both are great, but surly do not account for my super chipper, happy, peaceful, joyful outlook on every minute of every day!

Then it hit me... Sunday night. Bryan. The state of our marriage.

We have been very intentional with our marriage since we took a 12 week marriage enrichment course nearly four years ago.

Intimate Encounters.

Since completing the study, we've seen a counselor during times that were more difficult than others. No relationship is immune to difficulty. This counselor happens to be someone we have personal relationships with, and those relationships provide him with the insight needed to reach us where we're at and move us to where we want to be more quickly. He knows us. And it's a safe place for us to be real and seek the guidance we know we need.

We have recently seen him for some issues that have gone unresolved for a long time and had become the issue behind every topic we argue about. We were to have a session on Sunday morning, but Luke looked like he might have pink eye, so I stayed home with the kids and Bryan went by himself.

When Bryan got home, he walked into our normal family chaos... He hopped right into lunch preparations, or whatever it was we were doing. We didn't have a chance to talk about his session until the kids were in bed that night.

We sat down on the couch and Bryan had two things in his hand. A couples devotional book and the movie Fireproof. He had some things to tell me too. He told me things I didn't know I'd longed to hear. The "solution" to our issues is not what I'd envisioned, but what he said spoke to my heart in a way that "getting my way" would not have. We have a connection and respect that we wouldn't have if things had gone any other way - his or mine.

The next night we watched Fireproof. The acting was a bit awkward at times, but the message is unbeatable. I'm sold on the Love Dare. There must have been a line in the movie that was about "getting used to the new normal" because Bryan said that to me the next day. Cheesy, but I'll take it! I love our new normal.

And I love and adore my husband.

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