Monday, November 2, 2009

A happy Halloween indeed

The entire month of October is spent in anticipation of this... The very last day of the month! Night, actually. Halloween. It fell on a Saturday this year, and that made it all the more exciting.

Halloween is thrilling for a lot of reasons.

First - the costume.

Second - the scary decorations.

This is our inspiration - the "scary house" just up the street from us. It comes complete with a cage, funeral, butcher shop, actors, skits, and an electric chair.
Here's our version of scary. Skele Bones, spider webs, a werewolf pumpkin, and two flying/noise-making ghosts (that I didn't get a picture of).

Third - wonderful friends.

Zach's classroom party. (And my first Room Mom event!)
Girlfriends from church
The children belonging to the above girlfriends
Guy friends
Not photographed are friends and family from three other parties that we stopped in at on Halloween. We are well-blessed with friends!

Forth - trick-or-treating.

Bryan and I took the kids out and decided to leave 300 Dum Dum suckers out for trick-or-treaters. We came back two hours later to an empty bowl (we fully expected that - we get 100's of kids every year). We put out two more bowls containing 180 pieces of chocolate. Went to the party next door for 20 minutes and came home two empty candy bowls on our door step. The teenagers (presumably) got greedy and ignored my sign. I think we'll have to come up with a different strategy for handing out candy next year.
We had a fantastic time trick-or-treating. We always start with our favorite scary house before it's completely dark...
A block and a half from home, Zach didn't think he could take another step... and we still had two more neighborhood parties to go to!
But he made it. And around 9:15pm, Bryan found Zach nearly asleep on our friends' couch. It was clearly time to go home. Some say that Halloween is a dark day, but we find nothing dark about spending time with friends and knocking on the doors of neighbors and making new friends! Honestly, we met the new couple that moved in up the street a few months ago and I invited her to a party I'm having tomorrow. She's coming! Halloween is great.

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