Friday, November 20, 2009

When we love one another

I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying about how our gift giving should look this Christmas. I've talked with friends and read many blogs and online articles... and have found a common theme of generosity flying around.

We're inspired.

Our family talked over dinner tonight and we've decided to do something we've never done before. We are adopting two families for Christmas this year! I am overwhelmed to be in this position. It wasn't all that long ago that we were in the middle of (I believe it was) our fifth lay-off in five years... We know what it's like to live lean and how it feels to receive generously from others.

I wish we could be there to see their faces as they open their gifts. Instead, I will have the pleasure of helping my family pick out gifts for people we will likely never meet, and have frequent discussions of just how richly blessed we are... and how much God loves it when we love one another.

Can you believe that some of their wish lists include only bath towels? Or socks and a dress shirt for work? Or a Hannah Montana t-shirt, glittery nail polish... and socks and underwear? It's amazing how little one wants when they have next to nothing. Necessities make the Christmas wish list.

We will not only provide two families with the items on their wish lists... We plan to stick a Bible and Christmas story into each family's gifts. We will share our love and His Word.

Please don't interpret this as bragging... I'm sharing this with you because (a) I'm so excited I think I might actually sleep with this ear to ear smile on my face, and (b) we were encouraged and inspired by hearing about what others are doing as part of their celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. May God bless you and use you always.

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Jenny said...

I think it is so awesome that you are doing this for a family in need. In the past I have always worked at schools filled with families that are struggling. My family has always adopted a family from my own school (unbeknownst to them, of course) and I had the pleasure of hearing the kids come back to school and talk about what they got for Christmas and see the excitement on their faces. It is truly the most amazing feeling ever! Also, I always notice that the moms NEVER ask for much, so I always make sure to shower them with a few extra gifts!