Monday, November 16, 2009


As I began packing my suitcase on Sunday morning, I was feeling refreshed, refueled and eager to hold my guys. I'd been away from home since early Friday... I enjoyed the most wonderful weekend in Denver with Sandra.

I can honestly say that if we were ever to consider a move away from our hometown, I'd be pitching a move to Denver! So much to do. A fun downtown. Lots of dining. Shopping. Spas. Walking. Tiny parking spaces. People everywhere, but not crowded. Attractions. Sports. Entertainment.

And early snows!

What a beautiful view we woke to on Sunday! But, not enough to lure us into another day away from home.

We did a lot of walking and shopping this weekend. Had a fabulous spa night. Split girlie meals at girlie restaurants. Listened to live jazz. And talked non-stop. Sixty hours of uninterrupted conversations!

Sandra and I met when our older boys were about two years old. She only lived in our city for ten months! We were immediate friends and have just about everything in common. Notice the same taste in jackets! Purchased in different parts of the county - funny.

Every conversation we'd ever had prior to this trip was interrupted. Kids. Places to go. The busyness of life. Then we had our weekend.

Girls weekend.

Texts and a few phone calls home, but mostly it was just us. We finished conversations we'd started 4 1/2 years ago. Got caught up on each others lives. Grew to know more about each other. Encouraged each other. Supported each other. I even read part of a book to her... till she fell asleep! I prefer to believe we shopped till we dropped and not that I bored her into a coma.

It was a wonderful time that I am so grateful for.

My family did such a great thing for me in letting me go. And I returned to well-fed, sleeping boys... A clean house. A full fridge. A cuddly husband. It is dreamy to be home.

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The Rutledges..... said...

LOVE the red coat! I'm glad you had a great time away....we girls need that every now and again.