Thursday, August 13, 2009

The big plan

I had quite a conversation with Zach this afternoon while laying on the pool deck... One that came out of nowhere, as he is typically more consumed with soccer, Bionicles, Spiderman and the first day of school to concern himself with long term plans...

Zach says: "Mommy, do boyfriends ask their girlfriends to marry them?"

Me: "Yes, when a boyfriend feels that he has found the woman God wants for him to spend the rest of his life with he generally asks his girlfriend to marry him. Then she becomes his 'fiancee' while they plan the wedding, and then after the wedding they are 'husband and wife'."

Zach: (pondering) "Hmmm."

Me: "This is the kind of thing that we should be praying about. That God will keep your wife-to-be safe, prepare her for marriage, keep her pure and that he will show you what his plan is for your life -- which girl you should marry."

Zach: "God has already showed me a plan."

Me: "Really? What's the plan?"

Zach: "Well, I think that someday E should be my girlfriend. And when we're all grown up I think God wants me to ask her to marry me."

Oh, E... I'm speechless. Only time will tell. I'd imagine that marital plans of a 5 year old don't often come to fruition, but I'm quite certain that we'd be blessed to have you as a part of our family.

I'm pretty sure Zach would die if he knew I blogged about this, so let's keep it between us. Along with his sudden interest in E. has come embarrassment... What a fun season we're entering!

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