Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coach Daddy

I am so proud of Bryan. Introducing himself to complete strangers over the phone is not his thing, but he did it (four times). Being in charge of six little boys all by himself is not his thing, but he's doing it. Soccer was not his thing, but now it is.

When we had our 20 week sonogram 6+ years ago and learned that we were expecting a baby boy, Bryan immediately had visions of tossing a ball with his son. Having played baseball through college, that ball was of the baseball variety. I'm pretty sure soccer wasn't even on Bryan's radar.

Zach has tried basketball and t-ball, but soccer is the sport he really loves (at least for now). So, soccer it is. Bryan has talked to other coaches, read through books and online resources, dragged himself out of bed for soccer camp in June (when he was working the night shift), taken our family to two professional soccer games this summer and has made two trips to the soccer club office in the past week. He has not asked me to do anything. He's doing an amazing job as coach.

The team had their first practice last night. Bryan had run through all of the drills in his mind and put them all down on paper, including the time allotment for each. It was really rather impressive. The kids had a great time, Bryan loved every minute of it, the parents stuck around to chat and watch practice, and the sibs played at the playground. We are really excited about this soccer season. Thank you, Coach Daddy.

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