Monday, August 3, 2009

From Kindergarten to College

We have spent so much time focusing on Luke lately - running between the doctor and hospital, then planning his birthday - that I was beginning to feel a little guilty. I didn't want Zach to feel overlooked, so I planned to make Saturday all about him. I kept the kids in the dark about all of my plans, so I had one surprise after another for them... Things Luke would enjoy too, but they are absolutely right up Zach's alley!

Prepare yourself... The paparazzi strikes again!

First on our list, shopping for kindergarten school supplies
After shopping for school supplies, I'd planned to take the boys to the Museum of Natural History on the campus of a nearby university. Bryan was at work, so I thought it was going to be just the kids and me.... Then Bryan surprised ME by leaving work very early and going with us! A surprise for everyone.
Father and son
Luke refused to sit on the steps with Dad and Zach. Instead, he plopped down by the main door -- conveniently positioned between Dad and Zach! Gotcha, Buddy!
Budding scientists... At least Zach is! Luke wants to be a SNAKE when he grows up.
He loved all the microscopes. He plans to be an astronaut, a scientist, an eye doctor (at Children's) and a teacher
when he grows up.
Can you believe that we ran into a preschool friend at the museum?! The day really was all about Zach!
Dad & Luke outside the museum
Strolling the main street on campus
As he rested in my lap under this shade tree, I couldn't help but wonder if this is the university he will one day attend
We've had such a wonderful day that it makes us all want to flip... Or, in our case, do cartwheels!

So, we had this really great day that centered around Zach's interests... I hadn't looked ahead on our calendar to realize that this ENTIRE week would be about Zach. He's got soccer camp every morning from 10am-noon. I'm not comfortable dropping him off all by himself, so Luke and I endure the heat, play ball, do puzzles and hit the playground with Zach and friends after camp. We love camp!

Bryan will be coaching Zach's soccer team this fall. He received the team roster yesterday and Zach and I were thrilled to meet one of his teammates at camp this morning! It will be fun to get to know him and his parents this week.

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