Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer grows neighborhood friendships

Walking to the summer pool party a few days ago...
Funny that we have so much loot!
Bouncing with friends
Zach and E enjoy swimming after hot dogs & bouncing


Today we had a back to school party at the park

You'll notice we're surrounded primarily by girls!
(And we wouldn't have it any other way.)
Friends spray each other with water guns while other
kiddos play in the water bucket
Zach loves spraying his friends
A blurry pic... But this little girl was our next door
neighbor for many years. L is a cherished friend.
Luke, A and E refueling
Luke helps bury his brother in the sand
E digs in the sand
We have had such a great time hanging out with all of our neighbors this summer. Only two of these eight kids will start kindergarten next week. The others are varying ages, so we don't have the chance to spend a great deal of time together throughout the school year - everyone is going in a different direction! We loved reconnecting over pool dates, playing in the park, neighborhood parties and soccer camp. We are looking forward to school and the many new friends we'll make, but it's always bittersweet to go back to a routine that doesn't regularly include our neighbor friends. We love you guys!

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