Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

My kids say a lot of funny things.. I usually post them on Facebook as they happen and most people say, "I hope you're writing these down!" Yesterday my friend suggested we get a reality show so that the entire world could enjoy them. She must really love us!! Instead of a TV show, I've decided to make an effort to include them in my blog. This will suffice as a journal, right?

Here goes....

Last night Zach and Luke were playing in the back yard. Luke was nagging Zach to do something quickly and Zach said, "Hey, Luke, Gotham City wasn't built in a day!"

At the surgeon's office earlier in the day, Luke was a total riot. He was a bundle of energy and just kept talking and laughing!! The resident kept telling him how cute he was and even said she would love to get her son and Luke together for a playdate. Midway through the appointment the surgeon said, "You are just soooo adorable." Luke, beaming, very loudly said (in a super high pitched voice), "I AM ADORABLE!" A few minutes later the resident went to feel the nodes in Luke's hip area and he very seriously said, "Your hands are veeery cold."

I just remembered one from last week... As Luke sat on the toilet he shouted, "Mommy, come here, I need some privacy!" As Bryan puts it, it's one thing to know a word, it's another to understand it.

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