Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kindergarten kid

Yesterday was the big day... The first day of kindergarten! Just before we left the house Zach received a call from NaNa, wishing him great luck in school.

Bryan took the afternoon off and went with us. We got there about ten minutes before school started and the lot was already packed and parents & kids were waiting at the doors. I just can't help but chuckle at the serious masses of people at elementary school! (You've gotta remember, preschool had one classroom and only 11 kids.) Zach walked right past all the people waiting and let himself into the school building. Being first-timers, Bryan and I passed right by the desk where we were supposed to get "visitor" tags. Oops.

Zach has had a very "big boy" approach to school. He knows exactly where he's going, asks all of his own questions, and takes initiative. I am so relieved by that... So, when Zach said, "Hey, Mom, it's okay if we hold hands" I was a little surprised. But did not pass up the chance!

He was the first one in his classroom, and eagerly settled into his seat.

As we were saying "goodbye", Bryan went to give Zach a high five... Zach wanted a kiss. He wanted kisses from both Mom and Dad. According to pretty much everyone who has ever gone before us, Zach will grow of out this affectionate stage. So, we're enjoying every minute of it while we can!

As we walked out of the classroom, Bryan snapped one last shot of Zach and his "new best buddies". They are all smiles. Kindergarten suits them.

Perhaps too much... As Zach climbed into the car, his response to "How was school?" was exactly as I'd expected... "Good." But as the evening unfolded, so did stories of his day.

"My buddy A and I talk a lot. Too much. Too loud too. In fact, Mrs. H. moved me across the room. I switched desks with a girl." Huh? I searched his backpack for a note. Nothing. Surly having to move a child because they talk too much is worth a note home to Mom and Dad... Apparently not. At first I was discouraged, but then I figured that this is nothing Mrs. H. hasn't encountered before. His school day is now between him and his teacher. They will notify Mom and Dad if it becomes necessary... (I should scan in one of my many grade school report cards that says, "Tonya has trouble keeping quiet in class.")

Highlights of the day included passing his cousin M and future wife E (first graders) in the hall twice. They said hello, which Zach loved. He also exchanged hellos with his cousin D in the hall at some point. Zach's class went on a scavenger hunt through the school to see all the "specials" rooms (art, music, PE, library and computers) and ended up back in their room eating gingerbread men cookies. Not a bad first day! (Did they not read my blog post about my overfeeding him?) Recess, of course, is his favorite time of the day. He said he didn't really play with anyone in particular, but he did talk to his friend W about playing Batman at his house later. Hmmm... Wonder why they were making a playdate for later rather than PLAYING at recess. The mysteries of childhood.

And then the school day came to a close... And Mom, Dad and Luke were waiting in carloop. As we pulled around to the back lot, we were surprised to find Zach already outside. We were at least 30 cars back in line, so he'd obviously come out there accidentally. One of his cousins told Bryan that "there are a LOT of Zach's at school". But I didn't think they called them by first name??? I will discuss the routine with Zach again today, and hopefully he'll come out at the right time this afternoon!

Oh.. I almost forgot! Many of you precious friends have asked how I did. I suppose you all still have visions of me sobbing at MOPS 2004 when I dropped him off in MOPPETS for the first time. What a wreck. Yesterday was not a repeat. Not a tear friends, not a tear. Zach was having too much fun and I know he is so very ready for this. He had a great day!!

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Sarah said...

So glad he had such a good day, and that you were at such peace! :) I feel so old knowing he's in Kindergarden... he's was MAYBE 2???? when we last saw you guys? Crazy! :)