Saturday, August 15, 2009

Love our new toy

We bought a new camera this week. It came highly recommended by a few professional photographers that we know... After doing some research and checking it out at the store, we finally purchased it online. So far, we are not disappointed!

These pictures were taken on the first day... I could tell that it was set to widescreen, but couldn't figure out how to reset it. So, all these pictures are widescreen and, frankly, I think they're cool.

*The pictures are straight out of the camera. No editing - pretty much because I don't know how to use my Photoshop with the software that came with the camera! We'll figure that out in time... The guy at the camera store said there would be "no learning curve" with this camera. I knew he was wrong. He was a terrible sales guy... But, honestly, the camera is pretty user friendly once you know what all the buttons and knobs do!*

I'm a big fan of the feature that converts the picture to b&w while highlighting one specific color in the shot. We had a lot of fun playing with that feature at the pool.
A few of my summer faves... Painted toes, blue skies, floaties, my kids and our neighborhood pool when it's not very busy!
Luke loves doing "CA-NON-BALLS!" using his inner tube.
I love this expression on his face...
Love that long, messy, sun-bleached hair
(but had to get it cut the next day).
Bryan noticed that my freckles really stand out in b&w.
Cool blues peeking out from all over.
Little foot prints... I have a similar picture of me at this age.
The kids use the word "bro" all the time.. Here they are - bros.
This was taken on the school playground on back-to-school night.
One of my favorites... Love these orange highlights!
Luke loved the self-timer and the fact that we can set it to take three pictures at a time! We did it over, and over, and over again.
Finally able to capture decent action shots...
Zach became a "diver" on Aug. 13th.

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The Rutledges..... said...

GREAT photos! I need a new camera. Ok "need" is not a true statement..."Want". You can never have too many pics!!