Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God bless Mrs. H.

This time tomorrow I will be headed up to school for my first ever carloop experience. Seems almost surreal, but at the same time I know we are completely prepared for this. Everything we've done over the last six years has naturally brought us to this place. As I've watched the boys play (or eavesdropped when they've been up or downstairs) their maturation is obvious. They share. They offer each other turns. They encourage and compliment each other. They discuss plans and are awesome at make-believe. Both of my boys are growing up and moving on to "the next level". I am truly, deeply, looking forward to this next season of our lives. I never sought out to raise babies; my purpose is to grow young men of character who are confident and capable. Elementary school is our next step and I am eager to see what it brings.

I had a few minutes of alone time before kindergarten open house this afternoon. I used that time to pray for all of the kids going back to school, their families, their teachers, their school staff, their peers, and their safety. I felt compelled to write a note to Zach's teacher. I hope she will be encouraged by it and not determine that I'm a total flake... I just wanted to thank her for investing in the lives of children and I wanted her to know that we have been and will continue to pray for her role in their lives. For some children, Mrs. H. may be their only source of encouragement and love. She may have a life-giving impact on a child, but will most likely never know it. How many kindergartners have the wisdom or vocabulary to express such a thing? My hope and prayer is that Mrs. H. knows just what a vital role she plays.

May God bless Mrs. H.

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